REVIEW album Guy Hale Ft. Mike Zito And Kid Anderson Killing Me Softly

Guy Hale Releases 'Killing Me Softly'

Guy Hale is not frequently at the forefront of musical conversation because his artists are typically the talk of the town. However, the record label owner from the United Kingdom is currently in the spotlight due to the release of his new novel, "Killing Me Softly," and the soundtrack album included with the book!

As a result of the fact that Mike Zito and Kid Anderson have not been lacking in hits and have a considerable amount of expertise under their belts, it makes sense that Guy has invited them on board to help him realise his vision for the soundtrack. There are 12 tracks on the CD, each of which captures a different aspect of the book's atmosphere and plot. It begins with the track 'Vacant Stare.' It gives the main character, Jimmy Wayne, additional dimension and depicts Jimmy's emptiness. It is an emotionally compelling track, and it makes perfect sense if you've read the book. Furthermore, Jimmy is not exactly having the best of circumstances, but one day, things turn around for the better. Fame comes but also comes a murder.

Mike Zito's narrative and emotional vocal manner really get to the matter's heart. The song "Late Blossom" welcomes us with a guitar riff that grips our lugs, and it also brings a groove to which we can't resist swaying. "Lonely Old Lady" at track five has a soulful blues rock edge that enables us to find room to escape. It is a sentiment that Jimmy almost definitely feels, especially after doing everything he does to achieve his newfound renown.

The last song on the CD is "Cold Winds Blowing," a tune that brings nostalgia to the forefront. It expresses the feelings of Jimmy Wayne, who most likely has imposter syndrome running through his veins at this point.