REVIEW album Hank Quillen Treading Water (Single)

Hank Quillen Releases 'Treading Water'

Treading Water (Single)

Hank Quillen

The American indie rock musician Hank Quillwn is stupefying his way forward with his most recent tune, "Treading Water."

Hank, who is also an actor, has perfected his craft and created a brand new sound that is exciting and adventurous for everyone to appreciate. His approach to composition is invigorating, and he doesn't shy away from throwing a lot of elements into the mix, resulting in a sonic landscape that is unlike anything else currently available on the market.

The atmosphere in 'Treading Water' is mesmerising; it is immediately engaging and moves us away from where we find ourselves. In addition to this, Hank is our guide on our journey, and he takes us to many different places while introducing us to a wide variety of musical styles along the way. It starts with a guitar hook that lands with a powerful punch and is reinforced by a voice from Hank that establishes the mood for the rest of the work.

Hank's singing style is similar to that of many other greats from the other side of the pond, and he firmly establishes his place in the songbook by allowing his passion to shine here. Also, Hank Quillen does not insist on maintaining the status quo, and it helps him stand out from the crowd. As a result, he exposes us to an entirely new set of potential opportunities and opens the door to a fresh era of this indie-rock sound.

Overall, a solid release from Hank Quillen and one which leaves me eagerly awaiting his next!