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F**cked Up are back with earnest release 'Glass Boys'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

F**cked Up return with their fourth full length release, in a bid to top 2011's 'David Comes To Life'


Fucked Up - Glass Boys (Out 02/06/2014 via Matador)

Fucked Up are a band that have somehow bypassed me ever since their birth in 2001 and I’m not completely sure how; they are the hardcore crossover band that every indie-rock music fan seems to love, they have toured stadiums with the Foo Fighters and have three previous, acclaimed full length releases. I must have had my head in the sand! So I’m entering this review afresh; as someone new to the band – this means I’m unable to make in depth comparisons to their back catalogue but from my brief affair with the band’s history, I can say that ‘Glass Boys’ seems to be a slightly more mature yet raw-as-ever follow up to 2011’s rock-opera ‘David Comes to Life’, an album the band said they didn’t think they could follow up or better. A sense of pride and achievement is a good thing, I suppose. ­­Musically, I really like this record. After their previous releases being a little concept-heavy, this time the band have left those ideas behind and focussed on a more earnest, from the heart approach to song writing, which is interesting. Throughout the record, there is a continual three guitar battle that creates some awesome sonic soundscapes, textures and layers which are in turn highlighted by crashing bass lines. The standout thing for me however is the drums. I’m a massive sucker for excellent, interesting drumming (I would basically marry Todd Trainer from Shellac just to watch him practice every day), and it’s certainly interesting on ‘Glass Boys’.  Drummer Jonah Falco has recorded two drum tracks - one of them played at half time, the other at full time – to create something innovative and this really sets an awesome, solid base for the band to build the songs upon. The vinyl edition of this LP has some edits with the songs in half time only apparently, which I would love to hear. What doesn’t do it for me so much is Damian Abraham’s vocals. I’m sure I will make a few enemies from saying that but I have to be honest. I find his relentless bark-singing a little bit hard to swallow, although listening back to previous releases this does seem to have advanced and grown in range and depth. I totally get that this dislike is my problem though because -  gasp! - hardcore band in singer that  is shouting shocker..! Saying that, I also find his lyrics a little clumsy and heavy-handed, although there does seem to be a few moments where Abraham is a great story teller, it just seems a little bit misguided and over the top at times. I think if you’re a fan of this band, or of this genre, you will really love this release. It shows a hardcore band with longevity, who keep things interesting and continue to grow, doing what they do best. It just seems as though perhaps this brand of hardcore-punk-indie crossover isn’t for me. 7/10
UK & European tour dates

June 2014 13 - B Sides Festival, Switzerland 14 - Salle Rogier, Brussels, Belgium -
Tickets 15 - Gorilla - Manchester, UK -
Tickets * 16 - The Cluny, Newcastle, UK -
Tickets * 17 - Belgrave - Leeds, UK -
Tickets * 18 - Koko - London, UK -
Tickets * 19 - Point Ephemere, Paris, France -
Tickets 20 - Hurricane Festival, Germany 21 - Southside Festival, Germany 22 - Best Kept Secret Festival, Netherlands *Lower support