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Shit Robot follow up 2010’s debut From The Cradle To The Rave

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Shit Robot, AKA Marcus Lambkin, wrestles with the tricky second album on
We Got A Love.

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This second album from Shit Robot attempts to combine acid, disco and house on this collaboration packed retro themed funk fest. Opening the album is the thumping disco sampling robotic The Secret, backed by some random Casio sounds, it is the first of many collaborations featuring guest vocalist Reggie Watts. Space Race, as you might expect from the title has plenty of Sci-fi noises, blips and bleeps but little else to fully engage, Tempest goes the other direction and becomes slightly irritating with its lack of progression and apparent musical randomness. Dingbat (feat Museum of Love) is quite low key and minimal compared with the rest of the album. Things get a bit carnival with rave whistles and electronic 80s funk on album highlight Do That Dance (feat Nancy Whang), it's quite different from the samey 90s house that is prevalent on the rest of the album, for example on Feels Like (feat. Holly Backler).

Moments that are interesting and exciting are the tracks with the guest vocals. The current single and title track We Got A Love (feat. Reggie Watts) is one of the few highlights, it's uplifting and brings together the best elements of house music but just about gives it a modern touch that stops it from sounding dated. The hyper high-energy Scissor Sisteresque Feels Real (feat. JENR) crosses a fine line between gay house and gay house parody, but just falls inside the right side. With most songs clocking in at around five minutes plus it's quite a demanding collection of tracks that are largely repetitive and not really suited to a sit down and listen vibe. While it's easy to imagine dancing a few hours away at a club or festival too it lacks the guest vocal allure that say Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories has and isn't quite as standout or unique as a whole album. As an album it lacks a flow and it is a little stop start with the beats and feels a bit clunky. Not quite the self-fulfilling prophecy, Shit Robot isn’t shit, but could be leaner and less monotonous.