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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

The ‘World’s least photogenic band’ continue to impress with new EP.

POHL Remember Wolfmother? They were a laugh weren’t they? Luckily,
POHL seem to be taking their influences a lot more seriously. There’s plenty on show here, despite the EP only being three tracks long; Kyuss, Sabbath and the grungier of the grunge bands all getting very much of a look-in during this seventeen-minute stomp through 5 decades of heavy rock. That said, the band still maintain their own distinctive sound throughout; comparisons are going to be natural, but rather than lifting from the legends, POHL are kinda… well… channelling them. It’s been a couple of years since they released their debut ‘POHLSMOKER’ which is very much along the same lines, but now with the addition of a bassist in the (unphotogenic) guise of Hugo Morgan, the band have added a couple more notches to the bedpost of loud. The EP was recorded late last year and Morgan – along with Will Pearce (guitar/vox) and Jamie Thompson (drums) – has unleashed this Bristolian beast; riff-heavy and full of promise. ‘Cute Guy Alert’ starts us off with the dirtiest of riffs and an in-your-face rumble of drums. It’s a simple stroll through the production of the early seventies’ heavy rock monsters with some superb vocal harmonies throughout. The sound of a band who sound like they’ve been doing it for years. The four minutes of its duration is over before you know it – but you can go back to it later. For now, listen to the outstanding ‘Eraser’. The self-proclaimed ‘three headed riff party’ are telling you no lies. This one in particular wouldn’t look out of place on Rage Against The Machine’s debut, or boiling up in the cauldron that is Mike Patton’s brain. The smooth vocals contrast brilliantly with the deep, jagged riff and there’s even a top guitar solo thrown in there for good measure. A momentary comedown arrives in the form of the opening gambit of ‘God Save The Queen (High On Death)’. Probably exactly what you were looking for as you had undoubtedly spent the previous 6 minutes in front of the mirror ripping your fingers to shreds with a tennis racquet. You get a two-minute reprieve at least, before the searing noise kicks off again. This seven-minute closer does have the feel of a ‘hidden track’ – you’ll know what I mean when you listen. Which you will do. By the way, in case you were wondering, the band pronounce it ‘pole’. You can pronounce it however the fuck you like. You can download the EP on a ‘Pay What You Can’ basis from their
Bandcamp page and show your appreciation of it either by commenting below, or telling them what you think on their
Facebook page. You can also catch them at the following venues very soon indeed – and what’s more, it’s free for both dates with some amazing supports in the form of Falling Stacks and Olanza.

06 MAY – The Moon Club, Cardiff

08 MAY – Mother’s Ruin, Bristol

Rating: 8/10