REVIEW album Mr Jayvic Let Love Lead The Way (Single)

Mr Jayvic Drops 'Let Love Lead The Way'

Let Love Lead The Way (Single)

Mr Jayvic

The song "Let Love Lead The Way" by Mr. Jayvic and Aisha J,is the song that I just can't seem to stop listening to right now! The new track is drenched in fresh charisma, and the afro-pop groove offers an experience that is hard to say no to!

The moment that this one gets started, the feel-good energy begins to soar to new heights, and the sincere emotion contained within the lyrics and singing makes an immediate impression. The feel is similar to that of some of the best songs in this genre, but there are also plenty of components that are unique to Mr. Jayvic's work, which helps him stand out in a crowded scene.

The beat's infectious movement causes one's feet to start tapping away in a frenzy, and the participation of Aisha J adds to the experience of listening to the song. She enters the mix later on and adds reenergized passion to what was already a really dynamic production. Vocally, the two are a perfect complement to one another, and their collaboration resulted in one of the most memorable songs of the summer so far.

Overall, 'Let Love Lead The Way' is a track that improves with each and every listen that is given to it. Additionally, it assists in establishing Mr. Jayvic in the modern songbook, and it won't come as a surprise to hear this one reverberating off of playlists for a considerable amount of time!

Let's hope his next is just as good; I am sure it will be!