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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Sky-reaching screamo from the north; for fans of Everytime I Die, Underoath, At The Drive-In, Emanuel and The Used...

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: “Fast rising northerners Oaths (featuring ex-members of From Embers, Curses, & Hopes) fuse a mighty mix of screamo and post-hardcore influences, all given a pounding rock ‘n roll edge and the sort of assuredness that’d make you think they were American. Vocally he’s somewhere between Bert (The Used) and Anthony Green’s less high-pitched attempts at a soul searching melody. There’s the devastating riffs of Every Time I Die given the unrelenting edge of Underoath’s finer breakdowns and melodic moments with some guitar work that would give Omar (ex-At The Drive-In) a boner. It’s all delivered with the bone-crushing rock ‘n roll fury of Emanuel circa their debut LP and the sky-reaching melodic dynamism of Saosin on their major label debut. Definitely a band you can believe in! Check out their video at the bottom of this article and keep an eye out for their interview with us…”
OATHS Combining riot inducing progressive hardcore with party-starting melodic hooks, fresh-faced Northerners Oaths have introduced themselves into this world with their infectious debut single, ‘I Am The Danger’. Coming together from the ashes of fallen local favourites (From Embers, Curses, Hopes), the newborn quintet bring their individual backgrounds and experience in the scene and are currently working on their yet-to-be-titled EP, packed with a set of songs bulging with urgency and emotionally charged. The guys are already set to head out on what will be their first live shows as a band, to unveil what they’ve been working on together for the past few months and get the ball rolling to move Oaths into the spotlight. APRIL 20 – ASHTON, The Witchwood (Metal/Hardcore All-Dayer)