REVIEW album Teddy Serkin Twins

Teddy Serkin Releases New EP "Twins"


Teddy Serkin

Teddy Serkin is here with his latest EP Twins and this is an EP that you need to have on your radar immediately. Not only is Teddy an incredibly talented lyricist but his musicianship and vocal ability shine through each and every track on this EP.

The second track on the EP ‘Painful Mistakes’, the lyrics convey feelings of regret and remorse whilst the instrumentation complements and emphasises them. Teddy’s interesting new take, however, isn’t wholly reliant on the backing arrangement, and has a slightly lighter, more hopeful feel.

Teddy Serkin is definitely one to watch at the moment as his unique vocal tones immediately draw the listener in and made me intrigued to hear more from the talented rising artist.

Teddy’s talents lie beyond his vocals as the songwriting ability in the EP are flawless with Teddy using every track to further let listeners into his world and write a story .

Teddy then finds a middle ground between his classic rock tracks and blending other genres with the likes of ‘Edge’, that employs a funky beat in the verses and then transitions to classic rock in the choruses, keeping the listener on their toes and still maintains a brightness. It's one of the more experimental tracks on the EP.

Twins is out now, be sure to go and check it out!