REVIEW album Reed Mitchell Hot & Cold

Reed Mitchell's 'Hot & Cold' Is An Emotional Rollercoaster

Hot & Cold

Reed Mitchell

Reed Mitchell is the rising americana pop and indie rock musician from Akron, Ohio, who just released his debut album 'Hot & Cold.' This 12-track collection of songs is the story of Reed's personal story of a finding love in a marriage and rebuilding his life after a divorce.

The twangy pop rock americana album has an outlaw country Johnny Cash sound in songs like “Under My Spell,” “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” and “Could of Been Ours.” These songs all represent a conflict within him and missed opportunities.

These are weaved with acoustic ballads of love in songs like “Let Me Bleed,” “The Way You Love,” “You’re Everything,” and “Here Comes the Rain” which all represent a sort of sadness battling with a love for family.

Sprinkled in are upbeat songs of love and joy in “I’m On Fire,” “Hold Me By the Shoulder,” Desert Rose,” and “Make Me Right,” representing Reed's positive journey through all the pain and negativity.

'Hot & Cold' is an album that's beautifully put together and perfectly depicts the highs and lows that Reed (and listeners) go through after a tough time. Be sure to listen when you get a chance!