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We Were Evergreen Bring the Tunes on Exciting Debut Album

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Debut album is no false start


Available May 5th,  We Were Evergreen Towards - from Mi7/Island 8/10

French trio Fabienne, William and Michael settled in London four years ago, initially focused on building a live reputation they started recording this debut album last year, working with Alt-J producer Charlie Andrew. Current single 
False Start kicks things off and
 it's an instant pop classic, a hook laden hit in waiting, although it's up front, punchy sound is in contrast to the rest of the album, which is a more pastoral, low key affair overall, bringing to mind St Etienne at their dreamiest. The production across all twelve tracks is uniformly strong, giving the overall album a cohesive feel despite utilising a diverse mix of organic and electronic sounds. If things get a little lost in the middle that's due more to a lack of contrast rather than the presence of any real filler, maybe a few more up tempo tracks in the spirit of 
False Start would have given the album a little more light and shade.  Lyrically it's perhaps a little banal at times but words are used here to help create an overall picture than to make any grand point. It's also tricky to call out a further hit (Daughters having already been released as a single) which might cause some issues, but closer Kilmore's End is a tear stained highlight and suggests that Fabienne's vocal talents should have been more widely deployed. The band are a strong live proposition, continuing to tour the UK over the coming month and it will be interesting to see how these songs evolve in the concert environment, with each one offering a potential springboard to a more interesting destination. Indeed the same could be said for the album overall, they have a strong aesthetic and a significant talent, if this album doesn't quite arrive fully formed that merely points to a variety of possible next steps. Certainly not a false start, but a start all the same, here's to the next part of the journey. Read our live review for the band