REVIEW album the impliers cocoon

'Cocoon' Gives Fresh Vibes And Hot Sounds


the impliers

The impliers are the psychedelic, progressive, and synth rock duo who have just released their debut album 'cocoon.' The duo originally met in high school, where they broke into the underground music scene under the group name Phantom Zell.

While a lot has changed since then, their love for music and fire for experimenting with sounds and technique has continued to burn. Their oddly tuned guitars, synthetic and electronic elements, and their thoughtful lyrics have enabled their craft to soar to heights that aren't typically reached.

'cocoon' is one big story, each song blending into the next. They utilize musical motifs and layering to tie the whole album together under one thoughtful message of the human condition. They are genre defying and keep you on your toes, one song may be more synth pop and one may be more psychedelic rock.

'cocoon' deserves a listen when you get a chance. It's a musical breath of fresh air. You won't hear anything else like it.