REVIEW album Lady Marga MC Never Can Give You Up (System Addict Janski Mix)

Lady Marga MC Unleashes New Single 'Never Can Give You Up'

Never Can Give You Up (System Addict Janski Mix)

Lady Marga MC

Lady Marga Mc has the energy flying to new heights with her new single, 'Never Can Give You Up System Addict Janski Mix'. The fresh release is a cover version of the Five Star 1980s chart climber 'System Addict'.

There is an innovative twist to this that makes it hard to turn down. Yet, it retains a significant amount of its core authenticity to ensure that it caters for everybody. In addition, Lady Marga smashes through the competition with her world-class vocal delivery, and the musical chemistry she shares with her cousin, Doris and Felix from Basement Jaxx is inspiring.

The vocals are impressive, and Lady Marga MC has us under her spell from the outset, with her tones serenading the ears from the second the track gets underway. She is passionate about her performance, and she smashes it with pure electricity.

Many of today's top performers in the business are following a trend that sees many bringing new life to tunes from a bygone age. If, though, you had told us a few months ago that 'System Addict' would get another chance to be in the spotlight, we would have bet heavily against you.

On the other hand, the decision to bring it back appears to have been brilliant, and one would be hard-pressed to come up with a more suitable person for the revival than a member of the family of one of the original group's founding members. As a result, it is an excellent arrival, and it will continue reverberating out of playlists for a considerable time, I am sure!