REVIEW album Fascination Curve Corona Time In Amerika

Karl Lundeberg’s Fascination Curve, ‘Corona Time In Amerika’

Corona Time In Amerika

Fascination Curve

If you’re a fan of the prog-rock sound of the legendary Pink Floyd, then Fascination Curve’s newest album is the one for you. Corona Time in Amerika’ is an album that gives Karl Lundeberg’s Fascination Curve the introduction their music deserves – powerful riffs and solos, mixed in with great vocals and lyrics to create a sound that will have any fan of prog-rock buzzing. With a sound that has been crafted by well-respected industry musicians and a direction from the mind of Karl Lundeberg, ‘Corona Time in Amerika’ is an album that is not to be missed.

Diving straight into a uniqueness that bends the conventions of the prog-rock genre, it’s easy to hear right away that this album is not something to miss out on. Boasting an abundance of musical ability and immense creative expression, it creates an atmosphere where you feel the music more so than conventional pop albums. Each word has a meaning behind it that draws you in and demands a level of concentration that is often very rare in the modern day.

The album boasts an impressive track list. Starting off strongly with ‘Land of the Free, Home of the Slaves’ and songs like ‘I Will Breath with You’, the vocal performance and lyrical content is masterful – delivered beautifully, the band provides eclectic and striking music to accompany it. None of the songs rush through to deliver crescendos, but allows time for tension to build between changes in tone, allowing each song to feel more like a story on its own right giving every track the feeling of a film score.

The entire album delivers much of what ‘Land of the Free. Home of the Slaves’ and ‘I Will Breathe with You’ does – a message that is neatly packed into gaps of expertly made music invoking emotion that resonates with what we see in the real world. It’s a real performance of creativity around some of the most important issues facing us today.
Fascination Curve have produced an album that is something worth shouting about. As if the music from the band isn’t enough, the message it’s underpinned by is something to investigate – giving you more than music, it really is a piece of art.

‘Corona Time I Amerika’ is available for fans all over the world; to let this album go unnoticed would be a mistake.