REVIEW album Kumiko25 SkyCityDeluxe

‘SkyCityDeluxe’ From Synthwave Up-And-Comer, Kumiko25



Fans of College and Chvrches! Kumiko25’s brand new album, ‘SkyCityDeluxe’ could be just the album for you. Kumiko25’s ‘SkyCityDeluxe’ is sure to excite anyone who enjoys atmospheric, nostalgic synthwave music – with an abundance of fantastic tracks, Kumiko25 is surely destined for big things!

With artwork dripping in a 80s-style futuristic neon design, and an opening track with the album’s namesake, ‘SkyCityDeluxe’, the album’s first impression is fantastic. Engaging art with even more engaging music from the mind if Kumiko25 helps fuel as escapists musical dream which is delivered with ease – from tracks such as ‘Flight’, ‘Kaeleidosun’ and ‘Your First Synthesizer’, what Kumiko does so well in each song is making them feel like they exist in their own universe but while making it his with an unmistakable style, and it’s seen across the entire album.

Beyond just creating a world with his music, he has elements of songwriting and pop-like elements that bring tracks to life in different ways to the last, and adds a depth of interest into his music that really allows you to feel what is said due to the environment his music creates; with both vocals and music complimenting each other every note and word along the way, it allows ‘SkyCityDeluxe’ to play through without a second of disinterest from the listener.

Finishing as he started with ‘You Are Now Leaving’, it really hammers home that atmospheric feeling within his music. ‘SkyCityDeluxe’ is a genuinely interesting and calming listen that allows your mind to wander – with artwork that provides a visual space for Kumiko25’s music, the whole album from start to finish is an experience in good music an escapism.

With the lead single ‘Flight’, fans will get a taste of what this album is offering. You definitely do not want to miss this!