REVIEW album The Bobby Tenderloin Universe That's All I'm Sayin' (Single)

Canada's The Bobby Tenderloin Universe Are Making An Impact In The UK

That's All I'm Sayin' (Single)

The Bobby Tenderloin Universe

A signature country sound that's all their own - The Bobby Tenderloin Universe mix traditional country with something a little more unique. The particularities of the humorous lyrics, vocal tone and intricate instrumentation make for a real treat for the soul.

It's no wonder Canada's finest country act are making an impact in the UK. Having recently played The Great Escape Festival and caused a real stir, it's no wonder - this band is refreshing to a UK audience. Their latest single is no exception - it's a beautiful track with a ton of charisma and musical charm.

The Bobby Tenderloin Universe is a band, a community and a movement, but most of all, it's an excuse to don your western wear and give yourself over to the song and dance at the heart of every BTU show. Bobby enraptures his audiences with his deep, rich voice and thoughtful, tender lyrics, rustling up a fresh new take on the old country we all love. Some say he exhibits the sincerity of Johnny Cash, the wit of Roger Millar, and vocal stylings and production sensibilities of Lee Hazlewood. He and his band are lifelong friends and it shows in the way they bring the songs to life.

The story of Bobby Tenderloin is one of legends, mystical death, a sacred transfer, a cosmic continuum and is written in the stars and hearts of every being that ever was, is or will be. Welcome to the universe...