REVIEW album George Collins It's Been a Long Time (EP)

'It's Been A Long Time' Delivers A Unique And Familiar Style And Sound

It's Been a Long Time (EP)

George Collins

George Collins has always held a bevy of interests. His thirst for knowledge and experiences was quenched from a young age when he would read widely and voraciously. He even majored in English Literature. Music was always a part of him. He learned guitar and piano from elementary through high school. While he explored his other passions after college into the world of finance, he is ready to make music is priority.

He just released his debut EP, 'It's Been a Long Time,' a collection of songs that explores the depths of human emotion and experiences. His musical style is nostalgic with a vintage familiarity blended with contemporary sounds. It's reminiscent of The Beatles, Wilco, or even Counting Crows.

Each of the songs brings something new to the table. He explores his own musical range, influence, and interests to an impressively cohesive degree. "Down Easy" is the first song on the EP. It's an anthem-like pop rock single about an ill-fated barroom love story. "Next Time" is another pop rock song, though a little lighter than the first, about lost love. "Easy to Fall" has a jazz-pop meets motown sound and speaks on how hard a break-up is compared to how easy it is to fall in love.

The title song, "It's Been a Long Time," is his bluesy lament inspired by Dire Straits, also about lost love. But the real meat and potatoes to the EP is the last single, "Toward the Light." This song was written in his youth and carries a deep meaning about the future and what's to come. It's not like the other songs lyrically or musically, as it's a dreamy jazz-rock song. It's more in the Van Morrison vein.

'It's Been a Long Time' is an impassioned EP that everyone who has any sort of musical bone in their body needs to hear. George is so clearly passionate about music and has a great knowledge of melody, rhythm, and storytelling.