REVIEW album Le Code Illumina

Le Code Releases Atmospheric EP 'Illumina'


Le Code

Ambient producer Le Code just unveiled his new EP 'Illumina' and it is by far the most relaxing release of the week. We tend to forget the power of ambient music on our body and mind and this EP is a great reminder.

The 4 tracks were inspired by the coming season and the light of the sun reflecting on the red leaves of Autumn. Soft atmospheric sounds compose these different tracks, accompanied by field recordings. Played with hardware synths, some sounds are passed in reverb and echo pedals, giving an extra dimension to the music.

My favorite track is 'Nostalgia' as it lives up to its name and gives a feeling of nostalgia while listening to it - in a positive way!

If you're looking for some music to listen to while relaxing or studying, this is your go-to EP.