REVIEW album Maya Azucena I Am Enough (Single)

Maya Azucena Is On A Mission To Empower Us With 'I Am Enough'

I Am Enough (Single)

Maya Azucena

Maya Azucena is a true inspiration, both an award-winning singer and a humanitarian, she uses music to give a voice to minorities.

The singer just released a new track ‘I Am Enough’. The song resonates literally from an American historical perspective and aims to celebrate the undermined, under-recognized contributions of her American ancestors and unsung heroes of today, the message also reflects a universal story of overcoming self-doubt and the burden of doubt from others, to step into a fully-accepted, empowered version of ourselves.

Around the song, Maya created ‘I Am Enough World’ inviting everyone to join an empowerment movement to overcome circumstances, trauma, and thought trends that make us feel “not enough.”

Maya Azucena proudly featured the following leaders, influencers, and life-savers in her music video:

Múkaro Borrero
Indigenous & Human Rights Activist
Sanctioned Chief of Guaínia Taíno Tribe

Guaínia Taíno Tribe Member
& Nurse

Camille Leary
Michelle Audain
Emily Anthonisen
Marsha Steadman-Wright
Registered Nurses

Robert Cottingham, Sr
Decorated Korean War Veteran, 1950

Kira Minott
Graffiti Artist

Angie Minott
Fine Artist

Sister Bisi Ideraabdullah
Educator, Organizer, Activist
+ Founder of Imani House, Inc
(Brooklyn + West Africa)

James Hamill
Remediation Technician
+ Contractor

Maya's hope has become a reality with the movement she created, inspiring everyone to share their "I Am Enough" stories.

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