REVIEW album Ido Spak Epidemic Adventures

'Epidemic Adventures' From Jazz Genius, Ido Spak The Jazz Traveller

Epidemic Adventures

Ido Spak

If you’re a fan of jazz, then I have got the album just for you! Ido Spak the Jazz Traveller is here with his new album, ‘Epidemic Adventures’, filled with fantastically melodic piano and brass sections, this album will give any lover of classic jazz the music that they’ve been waiting for. With inspiration in his music from places such as Syria, Iran and Kurdistan, it’ll guarantee a sound so original that you’re unlikely to hear it anywhere else!

The album features 10 tracks, that is absolutely packed with music of unbelievable quality all from the mind of Ido Spak. With flowing piano alongside stylish drums and brass sections, they give life to songs are so exciting and engaging that have an undeniable quality that belongs with some of the best jazz music around today.

In the run up to the album release, Ido Spak released a number of singles, giving fans a taste of what was to come and setting expectations high for what was to come with ‘Epidemic Adventures’. Singles such as ‘Endless Summer’ for instance, has a song where all instruments feature heavily, all getting the chance to perform together in a type of repetition that feels so smooth, taking you directions that you didn’t know you were going. Followed by another single, ‘Ashorer Shira’, with a slower pace and a darker feel, it’s almost hard to believe it’s written by the same person – and with songs that have such different feels, it ensures that ‘Epidemic Adventures’ stays feeling fresh while delivering on a core sound that is so appealing.

With a few singles for this album, it’s a great lead up to the album. One song would not be enough to show Ido Spak’s versatility, but a few can show us just how good he is in a number of approaches. The singles lead into the album perfectly, and ‘Epidemic Adventures’ itself easily reaches the heights that these singles promised. With great music throughout, and having already been released, it would be to your benefit not to let him go under your radar!