REVIEW album Julia Karr Knots (Single)

Julia Karr Poetically Unties The "Knots' With Her New Single

Knots (Single)

Julia Karr

“Do you think of me at night?”: Julia Karr’s new single Knots is the epitome of my lenghty nocturnal introspections. You know, these whirlwinds of thoughts that hit you right before midnight, wondering what could have been? It has that bitter taste of regret, twisted with the sweetness of some fond memories. Just like Knots.

Reminiscing her own “what ifs”, the Hamburg-based singer-songwriter-producer embraces the part of herself that is “unsure, careful, doubtful” and it is beautifully reflected in her voice, raw and bold at times, yet fragile.

The production cleverly depicts her dreamy questionings with a surprising slowed outro that seems to see Julia Karr’s restless mind finally letting go and giving in to the night.

Introducing her debut EP to be released next year, this single is already very promising…