REVIEW album Adam Giles Levy The Fall (Single)

Adam Giles Levy Emerges With 'The Fall'

The Fall (Single)

Adam Giles Levy

The track 'The Fall' that Adam Giles Levy released stands out among the competition. It opens the way forward for Adam, who will be releasing his new album 'Wake The Disarray' on November 4th, and the new release from the UK singer-songwriter combines cinematic folk with a bluesy-rock texture.

'The Fall' has a gentle introduction to life, with Adam soothing the lugs with his ear-pleasing vocal performance. At the same time, the guitar gently plucks away in the background, maintaining its distance while giving warmth to the overall mix. The song's heartfelt lyrics are the first thing that catches the attention, and in them, Adam sings of feeling hopeless, looking for a direction, and examining the paths that one must travel in order to get to where they are supposed to be.

As the song progresses past the refrain, the track becomes more and more powerful until it finally reaches its climactic point. In addition, the mix discovers a whole lotta energy, with the guitars flying with a crisp tone. They generate a tremendous amount of strength, which serves as a compelling reminder that Adam is not only a talented songwriter and raconteur but also a talented guitarist as well!

'Wake The Disarray', the new studio album from Adam, will feature 'The Fall' and Adams's prior and highly praised single, 'Wild Earth'. Although we are yet to hear a preview, the album is likely to follow the theme that Adam has been exploring recently, and if these tracks are anything to go by, then we are all in for a delight!