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Vancouver Sleep Clinic Take Our Breath Away

Ambient harmonies with electronic effects creating an intense atmosphere, I feel like I have said these words before, particularly about great bands such as Solomon Grey and Bon Iver. However, it is a sound that I love and one of the reasons why I wanted to review Vancouver Sleep Clinic.


The immense talent from 17 year old Tim Bettinson backed by a flawless band, Vancouver Sleep Clinic have embarked on their first European tour and tonight they are in London, following a sold out gig at Kings Cross.

Blue lighting sets the mood for Vancouver Sleep Clinic at this hidden underground venue just next to the stylish Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. With the venue packed, this intimate space is buzzing with eager fans and once the band enter the stage Tim announces how shocked and grateful he is to be playing to us. The honesty from the band with the soft music creates a thought provoking and imaginative environment that reflects peace and serenity.

The overpowering vocals and underline of dub step are enhanced by synthetic instruments and ripples of bass that capture the audience’s attention as we appreciate and take in the beautiful and profound music. The keyboard enhances the sound with drums making it superior and the mighty vocals echoing creating ambience.

On a lighter note, this Brisbane based artist jokes about his experience with Nandos and again shows his appreciation for being here. Leading to a cover of Drake’s ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ which is definitely something pure; you wouldn’t recognise this was Drake apart from the lyrics as Vancouver Sleep Clinic manipulate the RnB song to an intense whisper backed by incredible electronic synth sounds.

With the rest of the European tour ahead of Vancouver Sleep Clinic and a quick fan base growing, I would suggest getting to know them quick as the live performance is incredible and truly breath taking.

EP 'Winter' is out now. Written by Hannah West