REVIEW album The Silver LInes Hotel Room (Single)

The Silver Lines Come Out With New Track 'Hotel Room'

Hotel Room (Single)

The Silver LInes

'Hotel Room' is a classic indie tune that keeps the energy up throughout! It's hard not to listen again and again and the accompanying music video is just as addictive. Looking forward to seeing what's next from these guys. Big future ahead!

The Silver Lines are following in the footsteps of some big names, while maintaining a clear sense of independence simultaneously. They offer a raw sound that draws you in from the get-go, opening up into cathartic lyricism and an edgy arrangement style, like a mix of juggernauts Sam Fender and Fontaines D.C. as of late.

Their newest offering, Hotel Room, is indicative of the band's motive - high in energy, showing there’s plenty of fuel in the tank for the young band to take it all the way. It ponders on memories of youth and describes dealing with growing up with all of its accompanying emotions.