REVIEW album Alpha Twin Symbolism

Alpha Twin Are Back With Gripping Vocals And Guitar With New EP Symbolism


Alpha Twin

Leading on from their epic single ‘Gaze’ released earlier this year. Rockers Alpha Twin are back with their compelling new EP Symbolism (and trust me this is not one to be missed).

Opening with fan favourite ‘Gaze’ the EP is off to a stellar start. With hard hitting distorted riffs, melodic vocals delivering great lyrics and drums that pack it all together, the opener sets the stage perfectly for the rest of the EP.

Following up with The Way I’m Feeling, with catchy a riff and a drumbeat that underlines immense lyrics that demonstrates that they’re not just a band for moshing to, but a band that have the lyrical content that speaks to fans on a personal level showcasing a versatility to their music that far too few bands have nowadays.

The lead single to the EP, Hypnotise and Blood Like Honey, follows the same path as The Way I’m Feeling with its lyrical content, proving that their approach to rock is more than just music, but stories and emotions that relate to the realities that people live, setting themselves apart from various other bands who are seeking a breakthrough. With lyrics around mental health and not the glamour of celeb-like life, they’re a band with a real message and real emotion laid out in their music.