REVIEW album Julia Thomsen Senses

Julia Thomsen And T_Mo Stun With 'Senses'


Julia Thomsen

The new EP, 'Senses' that Julia Thomsen and T+Mo have collaborated on, is full of soothing charm. It is a compilation of previously performed pieces by Julia that have been reworked, and it imparts an air of novelty to our speakers.

T_Mo, who straps us in, gives the classical work that Julia impeccably delivers time and time again an electronic edge. Their capacity to produce a synthesis of classical and electronic music is refreshing, and they make a significant leap with a compelling and restful soundscape in equal measure.

The first song on the EP is 'Sea Energise', and it has an energising quality. The music opens with piano tones that glide and then stick themselves to a cymbal shuffle and a radiating synth loop. The music guides us into a calm environment, almost giving the impression that we are slipping into a void within which beauty can flourish. The trip here is unforgettable, and it is the ideal way to start the EP.

The second song, 'Touch', is as entrancing as the first, adding a sense of cosiness to the experience and enveloping us in its embrace. The tune is shorter than the one that came before it, but it still has a charming vibe and packs a lot of content into the allotted time. 'Evoke' is the title of the final track on the EP. The track's winding structure gives the impression that it is guiding us to a world full of beauty, much like the road leading to the Garden of Eden.