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Team Me's ‘Blind As Night’ Illuminates The Darkness

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

An album that breathes the whimsical air of a fairytale, Team Me returns from their 2011 release of ‘To The Treetops’ to bring their listeners their anticipated second album ‘Blind As Night’.


The new album adventures into a realm of Ethereality and Fantasia, where synthesized techno-indie pop meets newly-loved new age music. A divine range of moving tracks such as the opening song ’Riding my bicycle’, which not only begins to define the energy the songs to follow will give foundation to, but also brings a slightly disturbing tone to the re-entrance of the Oslo-based six-piece.

Don’t be completely fooled however by the ecstatically positive musical aspect, as the lyrics themselves speak of something much deeper than a cheesy utopian wonderland. The songs examine many topics including escaping the clutches of conventionality, trusting gut instincts and discovering significance in oneself. It can be said that the musical portion in comparison to the words, act as a catalyst. A driving force to motivate the spectators of the Norwegian group. To achieve exactly what they hope to in life and not consider a single day as immaterial.

The American twang the male Norwegian singer/guitarist Marius Drogsas Hagen adopts may seem unusual, but it works for the band as the vocal range he can reach (and his style of singing) are very popular in youth culture right now. The comparison to keyboardist Elida Inman Tjorve’s European sound also works in an unprecedented call and response style, as well as beautiful harmonies when accompanying one another.

Each song has its own individual strength, but are also very diverse in there own way. The music can easily be linked with any other form of media through its dramatic and emotional emphasis. Whether it is art or television, the audience can not help but to almost paint a canvas in their mind or visualize vast scenarios which integrate with what they are listening to. One second they could be cautiously edging over a rickety wooden bridge, taking care not to fall into the bottomless canyon below. And the next they could be wandering a star-lit forest searching for a purpose. Faultless if considered as a soundtrack for any television-based media, especially any product of the widely known children television companies, ‘Disney’ or ‘Pixar’.

As a dramatic children’s tale of epic anthems and exploration, it grows difficult with each passing song not to find the rhythm in this motivational, foot-stomping soundtrack, encouraging an unconventional ‘Loosey-Goosey’-esque style of dancing, where the limbs of the listener develop a mind of their own and flail without control.

Practically bursting from its beautifully illustrated compact case, this is the perfect piece for an unforgettable adventure.

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By Nathan Roach