REVIEW album Benjamin Salt Wondering (Single)

Benjamin Salt Releases Christian Pop Song 'Wondering'

Wondering (Single)

Benjamin Salt

I had no idea what Christian pop was until I randomly came across Benjamin Salt and his new song 'Wondering'.

Salt's background is impressive and his music is even more. Classically-trained singer, songwriter and actor, he performed in musical theater around the Boston and Chicago area before relocating to Nashville in 2021. His previous track “Lost in Chicago Remix” with Gabri V, based on his debut single released in 2020, recently surpassed over 100,000 Spotify streams.

His new track 'Wondering' is a soaring and emotional ballad that falls into the category of Christian pop. But why that?
Because Salt mentions his journey back to God from the depths of depression, addiction and the social isolation brought on by the pandemic. The song’s moving and inspiring lyrics speak to the existential terror and confusion so many of us have felt over the last few years, and show how a path toward peace and salvation can be found through embracing a power higher than oneself.

In other words, a surprising song with a topic that I'm sure will resonate with many people without focusing on the religious side. Benjamin Salt is a rising artist to keep an eye on!

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