REVIEW album AJ Whyte You Won't Hear Me (Single)

AJ Whyte Releases 'You Won't Hear Me'

You Won't Hear Me (Single)

AJ Whyte

AJ Whyte, the singer-songwriter based in Rutland, makes his breakthrough with the tune 'You Won't Hear Me', which puts him in the spotlight. The folk-pop artist's newest release, which just came out, is riveting in every way, and the passion that permeates the track is compelling.

The story has a great deal of emotional depth, and it is likely that it will touch the hearts of many people who hear it. When it comes to talking about his life and the things he's been through, AJ is very honest. Within the context of his narrative, he doesn't hold anything back while reflecting on his emotions and the paths he's travelled to be where he is right now.

AJ rises with a low-octave sounding vocal delivery while sitting over a folky strummed guitar rhythm, and for a debut, he does a fantastic job at keeping us transfixed on the speakers. The music evolves, and with it, the intensity of his playing and singing does as well, resulting in a crescendo that culminates in a refrain that exudes an impactful presence.

Whyte has obviously been honing in on his craft for quite some time, and this does not sound like the work of an artist who has only recently started playing. In addition, he stands out with quality comparable to those who are currently at the pinnacle of the game while retaining a raw vitality that is charming for all the right reasons.

Great work, AJ Whyte. Please do keep them coming!