REVIEW album Halde The Flow (Single)

Embark On A Healing Journey With Halde

The Flow (Single)


Halde has one of the most healing voices you can ever encounter and that goes perfectly with the topics of her songs. After a successful career as a member of the indie-pop band Groenland, the Montreal-based singer decided to take time away from the music scene. This was a time of healing, introspection, and self-discovery for Halde that inspired the songs that are part of her first solo album 'The Flow'. Now making music on her own, Halde talks about topics anyone can relate to. Indeed, the album is about slowing down, as opposed to going with the flow, and taking time to heal, reflect and take time of ourselves. Close to her indie-pop roots, Halde also adds catchy melodies and engaging rhythms.

If you're looking for soulful music to accompany a healing or self-discovery journey, listen below: