REVIEW album Paul Shaper Jill's Psychedelic Sunday

Paul Shapera's Psychedelic Sci-Fi Tale Is Riveting

Jill's Psychedelic Sunday

Paul Shaper

Paul Shapera writes pulp operas whose albums are sci-fi and fantasy musicals that cover a 180 year span of history in the fictional city of New Albion.

His latest is 'Jill's Psychedelic Sunday' a concept album that continues the story of the character Jill from his previous albums 'The Dolls Of New Albion' and the 'Posthuman War' series. The albums opening song, "Coming Up" sets the scene with some sort of tribal ritual that Jill is taking part in and to complete her initiation, she needs to drink some sort of psychedelic. She does and we are then led through her psychedelic trip with her.

"Behind the Midnight Scene" is a trippy and melodic song that Paul uses to gently guide you into the journey we are about to take with Jill. This song also acts as a grounding element as the musical elements contain the signature motif of the album that comes up whenever Jill travels between stories and inner worlds.

Each song explores a genre of Psychedelic music, blending it with a range of music from 60 psych folk to Floyd, 90s rave to jam bands, and creepy tech to Space Rock. Much like how the musical motif comes into play when we are taken into new stories, the genre changes with each scenario that Jill finds herself in this journey. The further we dive into the trip, the more traditionally psychedelic music is played.

'Jill's Psychedelic Sunday' is refreshing. Not only is Jill's story compelling, but the way Paul uses music to guide you through the journey is both genius and gentle. He keeps you in the story rather and you never find that you are confused. He keeps you engaged the whole time. It's true musical mastery.

Be sure to give 'Jill's Psychedelic Sunday' a listen!