REVIEW album An Vedi ConTempoRary Violin

An Vedi Releases 'ConTempoRary Violin'

ConTempoRary Violin

An Vedi

With the release of her latest album, 'ConTempoRary Violin,' violinist An Vedi is quickly ascending to the forefront of the classical music world. This album is a collection of violin covers that features 17 tracks and brings a fresh take on a wide variety of the most acclaimed pieces of music ever written, both from the past and the present.

The first track on 'ContempoRary Violin' is a performance of JS Bach that lasts for seven minutes. It brings us into the world of An Vedi and her endeavour to mirror the beauty of earlier works with only a violin, and she launches herself into the process with vigour! Her playing style is one of a kind, and it shines out in a situation that only occasionally focuses on the violin by itself. It touches us with every twist and turn that it takes.

The first eight tracks on the album are all covers of pieces by JS Bach, and An Vedi does an excellent job of bringing her own unique brand of charm to the table while yet being true to the spirit and style of the original compositions. Later on in the album, though, she adds some variety by covering songs by myriad contemporary composers, mixing things up a bit. As she moves through each performance, she delves deeply into the sources that have influenced her, leaving us in a state of awe.

Overall, a delightful album by An Vedi and one which provides an opportunity to reflect.