REVIEW album Minna Ora Wind (Single)

Minna Ora Strikes With New Single 'Wind'

Wind (Single)

Minna Ora

One of the many highly skilled singer-songwriters from Finland is Minna Ora, who recently released a brand new track, 'Wind'.

The song begins with a slow buildup, with many sounds emanating from the speakers. There is also a profound drum hit tapping away alongside a vocal from Minna Ora. The new release continues from where Minna left off with 'Fire'. She demonstrates even more fearlessness and self-assurance with a delivery that leaves the speaker rattling for all the right reasons.

The verse doesn't waste any time getting to the point, and its force makes it impossible to ignore. Minna is very open and honest about her life and experiences, and she likens life to the shifting weather patterns that occur all around us. She talks about having hope and finding a way out of a dire circumstance, emphasizing the fact that a new day can bring a whole new universe of possibility, almost as if the wind has passed and left behind a sight that is full of beauty.

The track sounds even more potent than Minna's previous singles, which were musically all of the best quality. The mix is excellent, and the high calibre of all of the performers is immediately apparent from the way that the music firmly anchors us to the soundscaping that is taking place in front of us. In addition to this, the track is continuously developing, and it features an intriguing flow. Additionally, the guitar solo that arrives during the concluding section neatly ties everything together and adds extra flair to the already fantastic sound that came earlier.