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Brawlers 'Romantic Errors Of Our Youth', Get Involved Right Now

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

If you haven’t heard of Brawlers yet, you certainly will have by the summer. The Leeds based four piece are on the road basically non-stop between now and the end of May, with the likes of Real Friends, Set If Off and Decade, and amongst all that comes the release of their debut album 'The Romantic Errors of Our Youth'.

And unsurprisingly, it is awesome. All four Brawlers members originate from other bands, and have come together to form a marvelously infectious mixture of punk rock-ish, kind of indie, pop-punk-y goodness. Both singles from the album “Drink & Dial” and “Windowmisser” have been featured on Radio One courtesy of Huw Stephens, and Rocksound have been behind the band since the get go.

Opening track “Anabelle” is arguably one of the catchiest openers on any album ever, and is great example of the more indie-style Brawlers. The aforementioned single and personal favourite “Windowmisser” is a wonderful poppy track, and it’s honestly not surprising Radio One snapped it up.

The band have this great ability to blend indie pop with doses of heavier solos and punk style vocals. This defining sound makes up the majority of the album, most notably on mid-album track “No Rest” which begins with a foot-tapping indie vibe before slipping into some classic pop-punk group ‘woahs’ and ending on high energy, fast paced shouting vocals - which sounds like a messy combination on paper but works surprisingly well and will certainly be a song that gets the crowd going at shows. Both “Nervous Breakdown” and “Hives” follow a similar structure but in a slightly more subtle way.

On the more rock end of the sliding genre scale, “Holding Back” has a bit of a Decade feel to it and the guitar solo probably wouldn’t sound out of place in an old Blitz Kids record - needless to say then that it’s a cracking track. The album closes with “Romantic Errors”, ending on a chorus of gang vocals which is guaranteed to get drinks in the air upon every live performance.

Overall, an impressive debut with lyrical genius that even the kings of punk rock would be proud of. If this debut LP is anything to go by, Brawlers are certainly going to be sticking around for a while - so get involved right now!

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Words by Liss Parkes