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Start freaking Out with Radkey live

All Radkey want to do is rock, the coolest band on the planet at the moment, and tonight they turn the crowd at the Cockpit in Leeds into a freaked out frenzy....knickers and all.

549090_10151904240217343_108307623_n Radkey are fucking ace that’s all you need to know, go get their 2 EP's, go see them now... There are bands who rock and then there are bands who suck. Radkey quite simply rock, and impressively so, along with Londoners Turbogeist and Lyger who are supporting them in Leeds and throughout their tour, who all seem intent on proving that quote from Alex Turners BRIT awards speech from last week that ‘rock ‘n’roll, it seems like it’s faded sometimes, but it will never die.’ Especially Radkey who seem intent on not only bringing back from the dead but breathing new life into it, whilst respecting what has gone on before, but bringing in something fresh at the same time. In fact all 3 of the Radkey brothers, who hail from St. Joseph, Missouri, Solomon (amazing Mo Hawk, Drums and boy does he play those drums), Dee ( impressively deep Vocals, Guitars), and Isaiah (great Denim sleeveless jacket, bass, vocals, and burning desire to be a rock god and from watching him tonight with his tongue out licking his bass guitar at times and rolling on the floor whilst still playing the bass he makes a good case for being already) are rocking down at the front row of the Cockpit from the start of the gig rocking out to their support acts Lyger and Turbogeist. Lyger are pretty impressive with their heavily melodic rock act, will have to keep an eye out for more from them. But its fellow Londoners who really turn up the heat. Impressing mightily with their balls out and balls to the floor dense and at times thrash metal rock, which their guitars are so dense and thick that it feels like a trains above the Cockpit are going to come crashing down. They aren’t called Turbogeist for nothing, with their turbo heavy guitars and turbo heavy drums played at turbo speed and with a ferocious velocity. The best tracks are ‘Zero Friends’ and ‘Black Hole’ from last years ‘Ancient Secrets’ EP, ‘Black Hole’ in particular the bass is cranked up to even more electrifying and gut wrenching levels. And also recent single ‘Comatose’ which has a slight Pixies-ish air about it. Even in the midst of their deep heaviness there’s still a glint of melody in their. Then the moment we, and evidently Radkey, have been waiting for where Dee, Isaiah, and Solomon transfer the rocking energy they’ve been using at the front of the crowd to the tip of the stage. Rocking through their bag full of bouncy and very memorable tunes from the 2 Eps ‘The Cat & Mouse EP’, and ‘Devil Fruit EP’ that they released last year, as well as recent single ‘Feed My Brain’, and ‘Le Song’, which send the packed crowd into a moshpit po-going frenzy - the latter 2 tracks in particular. They romp through all 9 tracks from the 2 Eps, plus the new single ‘Feed My Brain’, which are memorable tunes which are infused with energy including the seething ‘Little Man’, the belittling ‘N.I.G.G.A (Not Okay)’ - which tell us simply that the ‘N’ word is and never has been cool to use by anyone - which sees the crowd shouting along. Then there’s the catchy but nuts ‘Start Freaking Out’ and the mightily masterful and powerful ‘Romance Dawn’, with Solomon going hell for leather on the drums. Radkey have At The Drive-Ins visceral energy mixed with the Ramones ear for a nagging tune, and arguably rocking harder than both of those two, and Dee’s deep voice really makes them stand out. There’s banter a plenty from Isaiah in particular, particularly when someone throws their knickers on to Dee’s microphone stand and Isaiah says knickers - which is our word for panties - sounds like the aforementioned racist ‘N’ word. They finish with some impressive covers of Faith No More and The Ramones. The best way to describe Radkeys music is on a sticker on the back of Isaiah’s bass guitar which is ‘Delicious Rock Noise.’ Put simply Radkey are very smart, very credible, and are very very cool, and very delicious. Oh and did I mention that they totally rock!! 9/10 Thanks to Zac Leeks @ Division Promotions and Gary Curtis