REVIEW album AP Tobler Devoid (EP)

AP Tobler Captures Their Grunge And Alt Rock Style In New EP 'Devoid'

Devoid (EP)

AP Tobler

AP Tobler channels their pain, anxiety, depression, and grief through heavy alt rock and grunge riffs. They often write about hard and complex topics inspired by their own experiences. Their versatility as a multi-instrumentalist has allowed them to compose and perform all tracks for their songs in the studio.

Their new 4 song EP, 'Devoid,' is an amalgamation of their overall skill as a musician and performer. Their lyrics are not only catchy, but they are beautiful, poetic, and completely honest. Their grunge music complements the words, bolstering the messages and adding a sense of relatability to their listeners. It truly hard to imaging that they have only just recently begun writing original music as their craftmanship exemplifies decades of practice.

'Devoid' may only be 4 songs, but each song sticks out and packs a punch of their own. "False Hearted" explores fake friends and a betrayal of trust with a Nirvana meets Green Day rock and grunge sound. "Claustrophobia," explores their discomfort within their own skin and expresses the feeling of being trapped within their body with no escape with more of a classic grunge sound. "Hostage" explores the cycle of neglect and being used by someone with a grungy alt rock feeling, more of a Weezer meets Green Day. The last song, "Devoid" was actually inspired by the anime Attack on Titans. They mirror the complex and heavy story lines with intricately layered musical elements and distorted guitars. The song has a heavy influence of Deftones.

I highly recommend listening to AP's EP as soon as you can! It's cathartic for not only themself, but for their listeners too. It's definitely one that I will put on repeat.