REVIEW album Lan'do Man Like Me

Hiphop Artist Lan'do Cultivates His Own Way In First EP 'Man Like Me'

Man Like Me


Lan'do is truly a one-of-a-kind rapper who likes to experiment with new sounds for my (our?) greatest pleasure. The artist has an interesting story that brings more to his music. He was born in Canada but grew up in Jamaica and that certainly colors his creative vision.

After reaching success with No Tourists alongside other rappers from Toronto, Lan'do started a solo career and he is imposing his own way in the hip-hop world. His first solo EP 'Man Like Me' contains 4 tracks.
There is a litany of musical influences sprinkled all over the EP and it is an interesting blend of dancehall cadences, UK flows and Toronto slang with peculiar beats.

Even though the track '16 bit' seems to be the most popular out of the EP with airplay in the UK and Canada, my personal favorite is 'Dweet Fi Dem'. This song is the most representative of the experimental universe of the rapper.

Lan'do never ceases to surprise us with great songs and a perfect flow. I'm longing for more soon!