REVIEW album Melanie MacLaren and Lorkin O'Reilley Tadpole Emporium

Melanie MacLaren And Lorkin O'Reilly Charm With 'Tadpole Emporium'

I was taken aback when Melanie MacLaren and Lorkin O'Reilley announced the release of their new extended play, "Tadpole Emporium." It is the first time that I have been aware of these two musicians, and it has left me wondering why it has taken us so long to get familiar with them.

"Tadpole Emporium" is a folky-pop delight that gets better the more times you click the play button. It starts with the collaboration's previous release, called "Clearance Aisle," and it is the ideal way to get the performance started on the right foot. Furthermore, the finger-picked guitar warms up the room around us, followed by Lorkin's thought-provoking tale; it is just lovely.

"King Kong" comes in second with a change in tone, followed by hearty drumming in the prelude. When the two vocalists perform together, the melody that they create is infectious and stays in one's head for days. Their capacity to sync with one another is captivating, and both of them make significant strides with their impressive performance.

The third track on the EP is "Sleeping With Headphones," and it is the one that transports us even further away from reality. Melanie takes the lead in the song's introduction. She wears her emotions on her sleeve as she performs her vocals. The final track on the EP is "My Idea." On this track, Melanie and Lorkin once again reach out, singing side by side and word for word, and they do an excellent job of tying everything together.