REVIEW album Thomas Cole Ft. Nathanael Hall Free Fallin (Single)

Thomas Cole Gets The Party Vibes Flowing With 'Free Fallin'

Free Fallin (Single)

Thomas Cole Ft. Nathanael Hall

Thomas Cole and Nathanael Hall emerge fresh out of the scene with the release of 'Free Fallin'. The tune is full of its own distinctive energy, thereby capturing a recently discovered charm and paving a new path forward not only for Cole and Hall but also for the genre as a whole.

The loud and direct electronic phenomenon known as 'Free Fallin' holds a unique place in the music landscape due to its distinctive sound. It starts off with the addictive chorus hook, which leaks out of the speakers; it gets the party started. It is a technique that many of the top performers have been utilising over the past few years, and it firmly establishes the hook deep within us at an early stage.

'Free Fallin' has a club-like atmosphere, and one can only imagine that it would sound amazing on a dancefloor that is packed with people. It is also heavily influenced by some of the biggest dance singles that have found their way into the charts in recent times. The combination of Thomas's engaging vocal performance and Nathan's accompaniment, which adds an additional layer of depth to the overall sound, has me completely hooked.

The song also boasts a strong message to all those people who believe they have to prove themselves to others. There is a play on words that emphasises how challenging it may be to recognise our own value, particularly when we are surrounded by individuals who are unable to recognise our true potential.