REVIEW album Thomas Atlas Live From The Jam House

Thomas Atlas Funks It Up With New Album

Live From The Jam House

Thomas Atlas

Thomas Atlas delights us all with the release of his new album, 'Live From The Jam House'. The album captures the essence of Atlas' Birmingham show, and being a hometown performance; it is no surprise that it is one to remember!

The Jam House is a well-known venue in the neighbourhood, particularly for its jazz, blues, and blues routes. The renowned musician Jools Holland was the one who opened the establishment in the first place, and it is now in its 23rd year as a home for some of the best sounds. Thomas Atlas, a local legend and a heavyweight in the British funk scene, is now also responsible for scribing his own name into the annals of the venue's history.

Packed with a punch, this solid album brings soulful goodness to funky laced grooves, and Atlas makes himself known with a vocal delivery which is on par with the best that the game has to offer at the moment. The album features 10 tracks, and it shines a light on some of the biggest hits Thomas has had in recent years, but with an added twist.

There is nothing quite like experiencing funk and soul in a live setting. Studio recordings still manage to keep lots of the original charisma and vibrancy, but nothing quite compares to hearing it blasting out of a stage, as this album exemplifies. It is fresh and alluring, but most importantly, it makes us feel as if we were a part of the audience on that very special evening.