REVIEW album Aspen Jacobsen Arsonist Daughter

Aspen Jacobsen Shines On Her New Country Folk Album 'Arsonist Daughter'

Arsonist Daughter

Aspen Jacobsen

Aspen Jacobsen is the young singer/songwriter who tells stories like a country artist and speaks her mind like a folk musician. She started performing at the age of 9 and now, at 18, she's realizing her dreams.

She just released her country and folk album 'Arsonist Daughter,' an 11 song collection of Aspen's more vulnerable songs. She leads with empathic and thought-provoking lyrics on top of her flair for time-honored roots music. She draws inspiration from the likes of Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco.

Each song features Aspen's capabilities on the guitar, especially with "Enough" as she fingerpicks through the song and the title song "Arsonist Daughter," which is just Aspen alone with her guitar and voice. She's a talented multi-instrumentalist as well, as she plays piano on the ballad "Temptress." Aspen tackles issues such as relationships, religion, mental health, and social constructs with insightfulness well beyond her years in her music.

Her voice has this phenomenal quality to it, in that it's simultaneously light and airy, but also soulful and guttural. "Shouldn't Give a Damn" is a song where it shines the most. She commands your attention with her delightfully striking music and keeps you coming back with her soul-grabbing voice.

If you haven't yet heard 'Arsonist Daughter,' it's one you should explore. Aspen has a clear sense of music and you can hear that she does it because it brings her joy. When you can hear an artists passion for their work, it's always worth a listen.