REVIEW album Tara Novak Layers of Identity

Tara Novak Delivers Love And Empathy In Her New Album 'Layers Of Identity'

Layers of Identity

Tara Novak

Alternative singer/songwriter Tara Novak leads with love and grace not only in her music, but in her daily life. She see's the world and humanity as things to be cherished and nurtured. She writes music in order to open the hearts and minds of her listeners, to show us that the world is not always such a scary place. While she writes to process the world she sees, she hopes she can help others on their journey's.

Tara is inspired by humanity in all its colors, and 'Layers of Identity' tells a story that is both personal and universal. It looks both inward and outward as an ode to all of life's complexities.

The album starts with a quirky pop song of love renewed in "My Heart Was Jumping" and concludes with "This Is It," an uplifting reminder to live each moment to its fullest, weaving its way through thoughts on poverty, nostalgia, ambition, and kindness in between.

Tara's voice is deeply soulful, yet both grounding and airy. She carries a lightness and a sense of meaning behind it. Her songs have an alternative pop sound and unlike anything I've ever heard. It's like a chamber pop or like she implements orchestrations with a contemporary pop influence.

'Layers of Identity' is a powerful album of empathy that shines on Tara's open heart and her ability to see humanity for it's positives. Be sure to give it a listen!