REVIEW album Maki Supa Noon to Nine

Israeli-American Singer, Maki Supa, With Noon To Nine

Noon to Nine

Maki Supa

Versatile Israeli-American artist, Maki Supa, is here with new music in the shape ‘Noon to Nine’, a new EP that is full of melodic sounds that break barriers and cross over into the rock, indie and dance-pop genres, creating a versatile EP that is expertly made! Having been on a break for the last five years, Maki Supa has decided to follow up on his previous two albums (released under the name Friends of John’s) with this EP, and with a history of immense vocals and hypnotic melodies, ‘Noon to Nine’ is definitely one to get a hold of.

To ensure that his comeback would be the best it could possibly be, Maki Supa sought out the help of producer, Shai Saadia, who has been producing music for over twenty years. Lending his expertise, and Maki Supa creating like we know he can, the pair achieved a soundscape that sets the tone for the artists lyrics and melodic delivery. The result, is the ‘Noon to Nine’ three song EP, which was completed in a single nine hour session, with each song belonging to a wholly different approaches and styles. Having worked through countless creative ideas in the nine hours, this session was designed to help them ‘crack’ the right songs as quickly as they could – which they did with ease.

Without a doubt a versatile musician, Maki Supa is capable of creating sounds that aren’t bound by genres, and avoids the easy options, drawing listeners in. With ‘Somewhere In Bretagne’ giving fans a taste of what’s to come, there is time to learn the music of Maki Supa in time for the full release later this year.