REVIEW album Maussene Summit

Maussene Releases Debut EP 'Summit'



French ambient producer Maussene finally unveiled his first EP 'Summit' after releasing singles and collaborating with other artists for a while.

Released under the French label Mare Nostrum and following the artist's passion for film music, the EP sounds like a soundtrack. Inspired by composers like Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer or Alexandre Desplat, Maussene likes to use music to tell a story and 'Summit' is a perfect example of that.

The EP's atmosphere is based on the mountains, giving cold and icy vibes while listening to the music. Maussene invites us to rope ourselves with him to go on an outing.

The EP is composed of the following tracks:
1. Cold Wind (Prologue)
2. First on the Rope
3. Don't Look Down view
4. Alone In the Mountain (Summit)

Join Maussene for an icy musical trip below: