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Eliot Sumner's "Information" Forces You To Pay Attention... In A Very Good Way

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Eliot Sumner has just unleashed her first ever solo track - a gusty, throttling break-up song.


Eliot Sumner, the 24 year old daughter of Sting and sibling to an array of talented actresses and musicians, has some pretty large footsteps to follow. But, having signed to Island Records at 17 and, in her former band I Blame Coco
, performed with Plan B, Sub Focus and Pete Doherty amongst others, she’s done quite enough to please her old man. And now, with the first video taken from her first solo EP, she’s done enough to start pleasing a lot of other people too. ‘Information’ is a track that demands you to shut up and get listening; clutching you tightly and forcing you to pay attention to the deep gruff vocals, which seem to belong to a man, the raw sensitive lyrics and the accelerating revving riff. Somehow Eliot’s voice wafts through the speakers and penetrates deeper – it’s got that darkly enchanting quality, all enhanced by the black glazed music video of car chases and doughnut skidding in the dead of the night. The grim casing which engulfs this track is somehow a pleasant and welcomed change; at last, a feisty female parading a fierce boisterous track, sucking you up in the whirlwind.   The 'Information' EP is out now -
get it here.