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Maki Supa's Latest EP - 'Noon To Nine'

Noon to Nine

Yoav Gerber

After a five year hiatus, Israeli-American artist, Maki Supa, is back with his brand new EP, ‘Noon to Nine’. Created in just one single nine hour session in collaboration with experienced producer, Shai Saadia, this EP has an immense soundscape that is honed by the creative nature of Maki Supa, with fantastic melodies and genre-bending approaches. This EP is an exciting piece of music that you need to hear!

‘Noon to Nine’ starts off with ‘Inspirational Song #12’, an energetic start with inspiring lyrics that see Maki Supa’s vocals shine as he delivers a powerful performance. A clear example of Maki Supa’s talent, it’s an introduction that reels you in, wanting more and this is an EP that keeps delivering.

As the next song, ‘Somewhere in Bretagne’ plays, it’s easily identified that Maki Supa keeps the same vocal style, but the music changes to a more pop-rock sound, giving a welcome change in style that is executed well. Additionally, the song proves that Maki Supa’s vocal style can adapt to multiple genres, instead of relying on one genre for his delivery he is able to mix genres at will, instantly adding an appeal to his music that not every artist can achieve.

Coming to the end of ‘Noon to Nine’, the EP is seen out with ‘What Kind of Day Has It Been’ – another welcome change in style, which pivots into a dance-pop sound while Maki Supa gives us a meaningful insight into dealing with difficulties that you face in life. Showing yet again that he has the versatility both musically and lyrically, Maki Supa is an adaptable musician who is more than capable of showing us a wide variety of creative expression.

After finishing the EP, it’s safe to say that it’s a strong release from Maki Supa, which showcases a plethora of different styles that make for a refreshing listen one after another. Maki Supa’s vocal and musical style is perfectly suite to each song, with each track having its own unique footprint.

‘Somewhere in Bretagne’ is already out, having been released on August 30th. Get to know Maki Supa before the full release, you absolutely will not regret it!

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