REVIEW album Joda Kgosi Don't Leave Me (Single)

Joda Kgosi, With 'Don't Leave Me'

Don't Leave Me (Single)

Joda Kgosi

If you’re a fan of R&B, you’re going to want to know about Joda Kgosi and her new single, ‘Don’t Leave Me’. Hailing from South Africa, Kgosi is a budding queen of R&B, consistently delivering music that pushes her onto the next level, and ‘Don’t Leave Me’ is no different. The single is already out, don’t miss out!

Instantly starting off with Joda Kgosi’s vocals, her rap styled singing providing the perfect mood for the beat that allows her to go off energetically throughout the song, flowing from each verse into each verse with ease. Made in collaboration with rap artist, Tyson Sybateli, his impact on the song adds a male voice that helps keep the higher pitch vocals of Joda Kgosi feel fresh and interesting – a great rap verse that suits the song, while adding a different dimension that makes it work better with it than without it.

Overall, a strong single release with ‘Don’t Leave Me’, it’s an interesting listen that provides great vocals, a good beat and a quality rap verse that ties it all together nicely. Worth a listen, it could indicate more on the way from Joda Kgosi – make sure you’re up to date! ‘Don’t Leave Me’ is already here, it’s ready for you to get a hold of. Make sure you listen!