REVIEW album Crawford Mack ft. Daisy Chute Parallel Roads (Single)

'Parallel Roads' By Crawford Mack And Daisy Chute

Parallel Roads (Single)

Crawford Mack ft. Daisy Chute

American-Scottish singer-songwriter, Daisy Chute, has collaborated with Glaswegian alt-indie artist, Crawford Mack, to bring us a brand new single, ‘Parallel Roads’. The single sees the pair duet from different perspectives on a relationship, with both giving a vocal performance that hooks you instantly.

Starting off with Crawford Mack, softly bringing in the song accompanied by an acoustic guitar, singing from his side of the story, before Daisy Chute comes in, following on the same softness. A great start, it’s a soft acoustic song that allows for both vocalists to showcase what is best about abilities, before duetting perfectly. Matching each other throughout, the two dovetail nicely, which only adds to how good this single really is.

‘Parallel Roads’ is a great single, with an abundance of emotion put into both performances. Working together nicely, they both bring different perspectives that allow a story within the song to build, which creates an engaging listen. A single that I would absolutely recommend!

Following the release of ‘Parallel Roads’, Daisy Chute is going back to her Scottish roots, performing for three nights at three venues in three different cities, where audiences can catch a glimpse of her wonderful musical talent. Supporting her during these shows, is her ‘Parallel Roads’ collaborator, Crawford Mack, who will also provide a masterclass in musical performance. Dates below:

25th November Blue Lamp, Aberdeen, 26th November Voodoo Rooms,F Edinburgh, 27th November Larick Centre Fife, with additional support from Tayport-born Elisabeth Flett.

With great new music, a fantastic voice and support from someone as talented as Crawford Mack, make sure that you get down to see Daisy Chute!