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New Artist Of The Day; Laurel

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Sublime female vocals and superb beats... introducing Laurel and "Shells".  

While I think it’s a little rude to start a review of an artist by talking about another I think on this occasion Laurel wont mind too much.

London Grammar were one of my top picks from last years’ up and coming category.  Hannah Reid’s awe inspiring vocals combined with the guitar and keyboard work of Dan and Dot were in my opinion sublime.  So much so in fact that I did what any music fan does whenever they find something they love… I wouldn’t shut up about them.

Now the reason I mention this is, 10 minutes ago I listened to Laurel’s “Shells” and the same sense of excitement washed over me.

Laurel’s just 20 but her voice sounds like a seasoned pro with the experience, skill and honing of many more years.  It’s beautifully polished, simple as that. On top of this the acoustics that accompany her voice are uncomplicated and delightfully enhance her already pure sound.  Essentially all the elements come together for what is a most beautiful track.

On that note I’m not going to write anymore because; 1) I'll get carried away and going back to my original point, I wont be able to stop talking about her (I don't want to embarrass the poor girl!) and... 2) Her music speaks for itself.  Enjoy.   Laurel's live dates are as follows: 24
th August - 234 Festival, Brighton 9
th September – Huw Stephens Presents, London 20
th September – Southsea Fest, Southsea 11
th Oct – Twisterella Festival, Middlesborough