REVIEW album Kate Brunotts Gemini (Single)

"Gemini" Helps Me Escape Reality For A Few Minutes

Gemini (Single)

Kate Brunotts

There's no beating around the bush that the indie-pop world is quite hectic at the moment. You need originality in the industry and something that will make you go... 'yep, I enjoyed that'. Kate Brunotts' music made me do just that. 'Gemini', for example, is off Kate's self-produced EP 'all caps' and as soon as I heard it, I was glued. About the facade of ourselves that we portray online and how that reputation, unfortunately, precedes our one in the physical world. Sounding like she had a jam with FKA Twigs to create the track, this is entirely original and something that industry needs more of. Comes to something that it sounds like FKA Twigs though, Kate was heavily inspired by the artist during the creation of the track.

This track makes me feel euphoric and glad to be alive. Glad that everything around me is what I earnt, this song truly shows gratitude. Saying that though, GEMINI heavily looks at the world we live in right now. It's digital and fuelled with anxiety from comparison and jealousy. Is this really the world we want to live in? That's the question I ask myself when I'm hearing the song. Musically though, the track is charming and hypnotising and features vocal staples, drum samples, choir samples and even a gorgeous flute line. Showcasing that versatility is important to this songwriter, Kate likes to create innovative music without boundaries and you can really hear that throughout her songwriting.

Kate's music really helped me take a moment to catch my breathe.