REVIEW album Skylimit The Other Side (Single)

Skylimit Reaches New Heights In 'The Other Side'

The Other Side (Single)


Like the title says, Skylimit has indeed reached new heights with the new release and arguably the best single yet - 'The Other Side'. The production on this track is as good as anything you could hear on the radio, and I perked us up as soon as I heard it! It is clear there is a big future ahead for Sklimit, aka Stephen Balcos. More info below and make sure to check out the track!

The exciting 23-year-old has been working on this brainchild of his since he started making music at the young age of 13. Now a much more developed and mature Balcos begins the next chapter of his musical journey with the infectious single - The Other Side.

In terms of instrumentation and production style, I see a familiarity to past work with the new track. However, there are more layers added when it comes to arrangement and lyricism, which shows the ambition of the project. Epic sounding drums akin to m83 during the chorus juxtaposed with soft piano sections show that The Other Side is not the kind of song that was just stumbled upon, but has been worked on for a while, and is well thought out.